Closing the door on squashed fingers

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Our children used to like playing with the doors in our home by opening and shutting them repeatedly. It gave me flashbacks of me painfully getting my fingers stuck between the door as a child. To protect them, some options were to remove the doors, install finger guards or micromanage their playtime with the doors. The decision may hinge on what is the easiest option.

My children used to play with the door like photons with a Crookes radiometer vane.

And the easiest option can be to get some doorstops. Jamm® makes some really good ones which wedge the door in its radial direction. The wedge strongly resists the door opening and shutting, making it unlikely for children to dislodge the wedge by their usual antics. Having these installed in some key locations stopped my children playing with the doors immediately.

It also keeps the doors open so that the robot vacuum can’t lock itself into any rooms and equally so we don’t bump into any doors when in a rush. In summer, you can open windows on both sides of your home and jam the doors open, thereby dispelling any worry about the ghostly but oh-so-refreshing breeze slamming your doors shut.

These doorstoppers are made from a hard rubbery plastic. They grip plenty on our smooth floors; rug or carpet should work better still. Although the doorstop is only little, it takes real strength to overcome its friction. When we first had them, our children tried to close the door with all of their strength, only inching it shut. They quickly gave up on their game because it just wasn’t fun anymore.

In this way, you can reduce the chances of your child getting their fingers squashed between the door. However, without that experience, will your children be aware of this risk when it comes to raising your grand children?