Energy mortgaging

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As a parent, your day requires lots of energy, either at home or at work. You can make your days easier by avoiding energy dips. Counterintuitively, quitting coffee and sugar can help you do so.

A coffee rush is like a steam burn: you get the latent energy and then you’re out of steam.

I used to drink coffee continuously as I felt it gave me energy and kept me awake. However, I found that I got an energy dip afterwards. Moreover, while dissipating my sleepiness for the moment, it actually impaired my sleeping quality that following night. I was mortgaging energy from myself and paying more than I liked.

That’s when I quit coffee. The first week without it, I experienced the withdrawal symptom of wanting to sleep ten hours a day. But after that, I got back to my normal sleeping schedule. Without caffeine though, my energy stays constant throughout the day. It isn’t a constant battle of willpower to stay off the coffee either. I simply lost interest in it.

Seeing the impact, I also quit added sugar as it too gave me an energy dip afterwards. Besides, sugar like caffeine isn’t part of any of the recommended food groups so we don’t need it. Instead, fruits are sweet, so I’d eat those. With sugar, the more I have it the more I want it. Conversely, when I stopped eating it, I stopped wanting it. Just like what had happened with the caffeine, my interest in added sugar disappeared entirely. And my energy remained constant throughout the day.

Quitting caffeine and sugar has given me better sleep and an energy which does not dip throughout the day but stays high. This in turn has made my parenting and working day easier.

Not to mention, a lot cheaper!