Faster, safer and cheaper tea

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Here’s a parent standing around in their kitchen, thinking of having a cuppa. The process of obtaining said cuppa would involve the parent boiling some water and adding some leaves. Note however that if the parent was located in certain parts of China or India, they might follow local custom, leave out the leaves and drink the hot water as is.

The machine dispenses a single cup of hot water like a highly energetic photon excites a single hot electron.

The tea-drinking parent would normally follow the standard procedure of ‘popping the kettle on’, boiling a few cup’s worth at a time. However, having parental duties, they might need to help their children and forget about that kettle. When they come back, they may be steaming to find a cold kettle, a humidified kitchen or both, depending on the state they left things in. Meaning, they have to cook another kettle, costing more time, water and fuel. If however, they’d kept the hot kettle warm in their absence, then this in itself could present a scalding hazard.

A single-cup water cooker then is one of the hottest products out there. You fill its reservoir with a litre and a half of cold water; then, pushing its button it’ll take one cup’s worth (250 mL) from the reservoir, boil that and put it in your mug in about 30 seconds. Because it’s so fast, the chance of you being called away before it’s ready is significantly reduced. If you do forget and your hot cup turns cold, that’s just a single cup lost and not a whole pot. Besides, as you’re not keeping the hot cup warm, and as it is a smaller volume than a kettle, the risk of scalding is reduced. Even more so if you take custody of that cup of hot water soon as it’s dispensed.

Yes, this device has its hot drinks preparation down to a T.