Keep calm and collect your deposit

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Being a good tenant can mean something different for each place you rent. In the UK, carpet floors are a relatively popular choice and being a good tenant involves keeping the beautifully white carpet clean in spite of having young children. Other countries may favour hard floors throughout the home, such as wood or tiles, and these may require other approaches, e.g. when it comes to managing noise levels or trying to prevent toys from scratching the floor.

Incident bits of food hit the floor protector like incident photons hit a beam stop.

When it comes to feeding your little ones then, how would you pull this off in a carpeted home? One option could be to eat in the kitchen as that may have a hard floor and would consequently be easier to clean afterwards. However, if the kitchen is too small for a dining table, you may have to think again.

We found ourselves in this situation and, having the dining table in a carpeted room, one way of protecting our landlord’s assets was to put down a floor cover underneath the child’s high chair. A chair mat works well for this purpose. It protects the carpet around the child’s high chair, plus the rigid sheet of plastic material is transparent so it blends in nicely with its surroundings. Having such a protection mat can keep your mind at ease when the inevitable spill occurs. After all, it is much easier to give the floor protector a clean than it is the carpet. In fact, the mat served us so well that when we vacated the apartment we left the carpet behind in a spotless, white condition.

And besides having been a good tenant, you’ll also get your deposit back, which is many times more than the price of a single floor protector mat.