Shopping with a list

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Doing the weekly shopping as a family can be fun. However, taking the children with you, there can be moments where your best skills are needed to stop the cart being filled up with sweets. An alternative approach is to have one parent do the shopping while the other stays at home with the children. Although only a trip to the supermarket, the associated freedom of movement can be enjoyable in itself. In that case though, you can’t negotiate your shopping while in the supermarket. Enter a shopping list to inform the shopping parent.

The 3D contents of the shopping cart are encoded on the 2D shopping list as if following the holographic principle.

Nowadays, there are digital shopping list apps which sync between both your phones. This allows time savings, as while one parent drives to the supermarket, the other makes the shopping list. By the time the shopping parent arrives at the shop, the list will be complete and synced to their phone! One could even add any last minute items to the list during the shopping. Better yet, why not add to the list during the days leading up to the shopping as you run out of things?  This app even one-ups the traditional paper lists by arranging your shopping in categories, starting the list with those near the entrance of the supermarket (fruit and vegetables) and ending with those near the exit. It also remembers the items you’ve bought enabling you to add them to your next list at the tap of a button.

And if the kids do go with you, the list allows you to tell them: ‘Look, the sweeties are not on the list so we cannot buy them.’ The children also enjoy ticking things off the list as you get them, making shopping with a list a little more fun for them as well.