Stay warm with a cool thermostat

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It’s still winter and we still heat the house to maintain a comfortable temperature. This year however, we’re doing it the smart way. 

Switching on the radiators via Wi-Fi is like heating a body via the absorption of electromagnetic radiation.

Since moving into our home, we never figured out the thermostat. It was a complicated little computer, being programmed for weekdays, weekends, mornings and nights. Adjusting the temperature via the thermostat would be mainly trial-and-error. No, the thermostat did its stubborn thing and we regulated the temperature via the individual radiator valves. As I found out later though, this sadly meant that without the feedback radiator reaching its set temperature in time (as we’d reduced its valve), the thermostat would keep the boiler going even though the house was already warm enough for us.

Although I had liked the idea of a Nest® thermostat for a long time already, I had never been sure whether we actually needed one. However, when one day we were a little cold and once again couldn’t figure out the thermostat, that was the last straw which made me order a smart thermostat.

And what a great thing to have! Adjusting the temperature by simply turning its dial, it has learned our favourite temperatures within just a few days. Every night, it sets our night temperature and every morning when I wake up, it’s already heated up the house to our day temperature. We now keep the radiator valves fully opened as the thermostat actually works the way we want it to, meaning the boiler only comes on as needed. When leaving the house, whether for shopping or holidays, it determines our absence using its motion sensors (and optionally your geo-fenced phone signal) whereupon it enters its energy-saving mode. You can even check and adjust the thermostat over the internet via a dedicated app.

Granted, you can get cheaper thermostats but getting a smart one is an investment into convenience and efficiency, likely to remain useful for many years. Plus, being one of the hottest thermostats around, it looks really cool on the wall.