Reviving a dead phone

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What do you do when your mobile phone suddenly won’t charge anymore? Is there something wrong with the charging cable? Is there something wrong with your phone? Will all the photos and documents that you’ve saved on your phone be lost? Before worrying about having to buy new charging cables or even a new phone altogether, there are two quick things to check first.

Having too much lint in your phone’s charging port is like even quantum tunneling fails to charge your phone.

First, if you normally carry your phone around in your pocket, this may have given rise to accumulated lint in the charging port of the phone. To get it out, get ready to perform some light surgery on the phone: take a sewing needle and scrape the charging port to see whether you can fish out any lint from it. You may be surprised!

If there’s nothing in there, then a second thing is to check the charging cable. The connectors at its end need to conduct electricity to the phone and these may get a little greasy over time. When that happens, they may not conduct electricity very well, if at all. To solve that, rub the connectors clean with some alcohol-based cleaner.

One preventive measure would be to avoid getting lint in the charging port in the first place. There are some inexpensive phone covers which close off the charging port with a little flap so that nothing can get in. From experience, these do really prevent having to clean out the charging port. A more expensive, albeit definitive, way of avoiding both problems altogether would be to get a phone with wireless charging capabilities. But these haven’t exactly flooded the market yet.

And if you finish the above surgical procedures with a much-needed electron transfusion, your phone will be back to good health in no time.