Magic tumble dryer

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Let’s say you live in the UK, or any other place where it rains a lot, and you’ve just washed your clothes. You have wet clothes in a wet country; how do you dry them? Perhaps airdry them in your house if the humidity allows it, but without some sunshine? It’s not ideal. Drape them over a radiator and block off the flow of hot air into your room? You’ll be nice and cold and your clothes will look like an inverted letter U after they dry up like that. Imagine then how nice it is to have a tumble dryer in your home.

Finding the dryer has shrunk your clothes is like ‘doesn’t Lorentz contraction only happen near light speed?’

A particularly easy tumble dryer is one with a condenser and heat pump technology. These things just dry all of your clothes no matter what: you throw everything in, hit go and it dries it. No pre-sorting of clothes, no clothes that shrink, all because of the gentle drying. The dryer also has a sensor so that it stops when the clothes are dry enough, preventing over-drying.

This is a great tool to have when you’re taking care of little children as you’ll be doing lots of laundry. Think of the time saved not having to worry about which clothes can be dried and which can’t. Just throw them all in. I guess the main downside of using a dryer is the fact that it slowly eats up the clothes via the lint collection basket. Also, heat pump dryers are not the cheapest dryers out there. Still, this may be an acceptable price to pay for that great efficiency you get in return for having dry clothes whenever you need it, whatever the weather and with the least amount of worry.