Making light work of the bedtime routine

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I admit to have been talking about lamps and about speakers before. But I’ve not yet mentioned this awesome thing which is a speaker lamp. You can charge it up and carry it with you like a little lantern; it has Bluetooth® and a built-in SD slot allowing you to play whatever you want over the built-in speaker. You can even choose the colour and brightness of light, making it an interesting nightlight, and, of course, you can adjust the volume as well.

The light rips imaginary monsters apart like ionising radiation rips electrons off molecules.

Up until recently, I had only used this speaker lamp occasionally when my children played in the living room fort to give them a little light underneath the blankets and perhaps a bit of internet radio for kids.

However, I found it most useful for when my child does not want to go to sleep at night. What happened was that I would read a bedtime story or three and afterwards give them some books to read independently. Although they can read, they would get bored, leave their room and come to find me a few times saying they couldn’t sleep.

That’s when I decided to take all the stories I’d recorded already and put them on the SD card of the speaker lamp. Now, after I’ve read a few bed-time stories to them myself, I leave the speaker lamp in the room with its light on and playing my pre-recorded stories. In this way, they fall asleep without leaving their room again. After just a little while, I go into the room, stop the audio playback and leave the lamp there as a night light and that seems to work really well. In this way, that speaker lamp really has made light work of the bedtime routine.