Swap the high chair for a Tetris® block

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When little children first start to eat by themselves, the probability with which food ends up in their mouths might only be 20 percent. Although they might like the food, a lot will end up either on the floor, their clothes or elsewhere. While part of you may find it entertaining, part of you will want to cry because you have to clean it up later.

The food ends up scattered around the infant like it follows a Gaussian distribution.

If, then, your child doesn’t like the high chair anymore and wants to join you at the dinner table on a normal chair, you’ll have to provide a booster seat to at least make it as easy as possible for them to manage their food in a controlled fashion.

A really good booster seat for such occasions is this one. Its cover is made of a material which does not absorb any food and drink, making it easily cleanable. The pillow has two adjustable straps with which it can be strapped to the seat. This keeps the pillow securely in place and also prevents it from being removed by the children. The pillow cover is detachable by a zip so that it can be hand-washed as well.

We used to take this pillow with us on holidays with the children so they could always join us at the dinner table. And, when you’re travelling by car, it’s much easier to squeeze in one of those chair pillows than it would be to Tetris® in one of those high chairs with all their rigid parts. Having only one of the pillows was enough for us because once the first child outgrew it, the second child could use it. And now they’ve both outgrown it, we’ve gotten rid of it altogether. But I’ve not gotten rid of the memory of how it’s helped us keep everything clean.