Clean floors while you sleep

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It’s finally the weekend. Traditionally, this means it’s time to relax; to do the things you like. Except, you might have to clean the house. One annoying part of cleaning the house can be vacuum cleaning. You have to clear the floor, vacuum while watching out for the electric cord of the vacuum cleaner and, at the end, empty the bin. All of this costs you time, and that every single weekend.

Our vacuum robot follows a random path like a molecule in a dilute gas.

You can save some time by getting a robot vacuum cleaner. Just switch it on and leave him to it. Of course, you still have to tidy up the floor so that the robot can reach things. Also, emptying the bin is still required but you also did that before you had the robot. The vacuuming part, though, is entirely taken care of.

One nice use is to switch it on just before bed and wake up to find a clean floor and the robot back in its dock. Alternatively, run it while you do your weekend shopping. Our robot follows a random path while cleaning. If that bothers you, just don’t look at it. In any case, wouldn’t you like your floors to be 90 percent cleaner by doing nothing but going away? Another benefit is that the robot cleans underneath your sofa and bed where you couldn’t as easily. This is great because there’s lots of dust there and that can’t be healthy.

If the price bothers you then wait for black Friday to buy one or otherwise suck it up and make the investment. It does make the house very clean. Even when it’s clean by eye, the robot will still somehow pack its bin full of dust and you won’t know where it came from. After all the cleaning, it drives itself back to its charging dock (which we have under the sofa) to recover from its work. It sits there quietly waiting for the next time I use the remote control to call it into action.