Is your home parent-proof?

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When your baby gets older, there’s some stage where it’ll start to crawl or otherwise be mobile enough to explore the home on its own. And when that starts, it’s necessary that you child-proof your home. There are a few obvious things, such as placing that expensive Ming vase out of their reach, but you may also be switched on to the fact that your baby might play with the wall sockets and you may consequently plug off all of those.

Bumping into stuff on your way to the crying baby at night is like what happens to a photon during Compton scattering.

You might also want to parent-proof your home while you’re at it. Because when you’re a sleep-deprived zombie parent, you might stumble in the dark and you might fall. A good solution then is to have a little nightlight in the hallway so that when you’re woken up, at least you can see where you’re walking and you don’t hurt yourself as easily. Also, such a night light could plug into the wall socket so that the crawling baby can’t put its fingers into it. Win-win.

A particularly good night light is one with a light sensor integrated into it. In this way, it really is plug and play. You put it into the wall socket and then it’ll sense when it’s bright (and it will be off) and it will sense when it gets dark (and it will come on). In this way, it carries out its intended function while saving money on electricity costs. That’s a shining example of a bright solution.

We’ve had one of these for a long time now and, although our children are not babies anymore, they still wake up at night and the nightlight still keeps everything a little safer in the house. With this nightlight in place, and the Ming vase out of the way, you can continue to have your night’s sleep interrupted safely. Not that that would be of any concern when you’re trying to sleep, but perhaps it lightens the load a little, so to say.