Storing children’s shoes the fast way

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Let’s do some math. One child has two feet. On those two feet go at least one pair of regular shoes, then you need a pair of wellies for when it rains, perhaps ballet shoes and of course the school shoes which go with the uniform. That’s already three or four pairs of shoes per child at least. Multiply that by the number of children you have and you might have to store a small mountain worth of little shoes.

Running out of space is when a physicist starts postulating extra dimensions.

How does one store shoes? The simplest solution is one dimensional. Just line them against the wall somewhere. That’s a line of shoes. A more space saving solution is to use two dimensions. Get a shoe rack and fill that rectangular grid with your shoes. That minimizes the occupied floor space significantly. However, with all those little shoes lying around in your house, in addition to your own shoes, this is still not enough! Well, then, we can break out a whole extra dimension and go 3D. We are not talking about a line of shoes, nor a grid of shoes. No, we are talking about a box of shoes.

The good thing about children’s shoes is that their small size makes them relatively rigid and, unlike adult’s shoes, children’s shoes are made to take a beating. This allows you to throw the little shoes all on top of each other in a big box without the little shoes deforming or getting dirty. Don’t worry about pairing them up either. When it’s time to get your children the right pair of shoes, just pull them out the box. The most frequently used ones will be on the top of the pile.

The best part is coming home and tossing those little suckers back in the box. The shoes, that is.