How a little fish made a big splash

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I can go to the toilet by myself now. I can even wash my hands afterwards! My father always says to close the tap. I think it’s so funny so I laugh and run away. I’m sure it’s just a fun game that we always play.

Draining the water supply by using it is the conservation of mass in action.

But one day when I was playing with my toys, father came to me and wanted to explain something. He said that the tap where we wash our hands gets its water from a pipe. That pipe is in the wall of the house. Where does it get the water from? The water in that pipe comes from the sea. In the sea, there is a little fish. Now father says that every time that we wash our hands, the water of the sea goes to us and the fish has less and less water. If we don’t close the tap and leave it running, then the fish will have no more water. He then showed me a picture of a sad fish with no water. I think the fish looked dead. I had to cry and I felt really sorry for the poor fish. Father said it’s OK, the fish is still there. But I should close the tap after washing my hands.

Today I went to the toilet by myself. I even wash my hands. Wait, I should be really quick because otherwise the fish has no water! ‘Daddy, I closed the tap!’ ‘Well done! High five!’ I protect the fish now and I close the tap when I’m done. I’m really good at this now.

One time, I saw father running the tap and told him to close it for the fish. He laughed and did so. He also said that we can use the water we need and that it’s OK as long as we don’t walk away with the tap running. I never do that again now.