Ignore and focus

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You’ve made tea before, have you? Well, move to the UK and be prepared to be schooled in the art of making a proper brew. There are different camps when it comes to the right moment of adding milk, but as far as I’m aware, brewing always involves letting your tea steep until it’s strong.

Working without focus is like being a molecule in Brownian motion.

The technique for steeping relies on physics, my friends. Let me tell you that if you bung your teabag in and walk away, the molecules in your teabag will mainly diffuse through the hot water. Yes, the tea molecules will make their way into the water but very, very slowly. The reason for this is that these tea molecules constantly bump into water molecules, changing direction and thereby describing a tortuous path. Such motion is called a ‘random walk’ and the tea molecule lacks a single preferred direction. It gets about as far into your hot water as you’d expect a drunk to walk a straight line. A quicker way therefore is to push the teabag around and squeeze it out. This forces the tea into your mug along much more straight and uninterrupted paths.

Before taking that brew and cracking on with your work now, let us have a look at our poor parents over here. They are sometimes just like the tea molecule, being called this way and that way by their children. Sometimes seeing this that needs cleaning, then seeing that that needs tidying. Doing little bits of different things effectively results in the parent getting little done with a lot of effort. Here then is a beautiful argument for parents to ignore the things you can and focus on a few tasks only. Let that living room be messy, don’t fold all of the clothes right now and get on with those few things that do really matter. After drinking that proper brew of course.