Why don’t knives look more like spiders?

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Your children are growing up and you want them to be independent. However, them opening up the kitchen drawer full of sharp knives might be a bit too much to handle and might drive you to the edge sanity. Children are not necessarily born with an innate sense of danger when they see a knife in the drawer. It would be easier if knifes looked like spiders. But seeing as they don’t, I took a stab at finding a solution.

Keeping kids away from knives is like keeping Newton’s laws away from MOND theorists.

A particularly space-saving solution would be to install a magnetic knife strip on the wall of the kitchen. Knifes snap onto the bar magnet and are out of reach of your kids. It’s a solution that looks cool and which makes it a little easier to grab a knife. If you don’t like the sight of all those knives just hanging around, then you could even consider installing the bar magnet on the inside of a kitchen cupboard so that the knifes remain hidden from view with the cupboard closed. Still, using a magnet for holding up your knives requires your faith in physics to be on point, not to speak of your faith in the sturdiness of the wall mount. What if the knifes fell down?

The next best thing then is a knife block. It stands out of reach of the children, at the far end of the kitchen counter, while holding your knifes and scissors. The cutting edge here are universal-type knife blocks. They don’t have preformed slots for the knives and instead can hold any knife or pair of scissors that you stick into them. They are basically a container filled with a displaceable material such as long and thin vertical rods. There’s plenty of choice in this type of knife holder, but this one looks particularly sharp. If you’re looking to cut costs, you could even make your own universal knife holder by filling a container with rice and sticking your knives into that!

With those points out of the way, I say let the kids roam free again.