Your money or your life

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Give a monkey the choice between bananas and money and he’ll go for the bananas. The monkey doesn’t know that the money can buy him way more bananas. Similarly, when people are given the choice between money and health, then should we go for the money? When in good health you can earn more money but even the largest sum of money cannot guarantee your good health. Therefore, we should first of all try to maintain our health. Eating more fruit is probably the healthy choice. But eating a recommended five pieces a day does cost time and when you have a busy day that time might be hard to find.

Getting your daily hit of fruit is like when an apple hit Newton’s head.

Enter smoothies. Rip that banana out of the hands of that monkey, peel and chop it up using a hand blender. Throw in some strawberries, pieces of apple, any fruit you like. Blend in some yoghurt and/or milk and you’ll have an excellent healthy smoothie. The children love it too! Who says eating more fruit costs more time? Just skip the chewing and drink it all up! The good thing about a smoothie compared to fruit juice is that the whole fruit (including any of its fibre) is used in a smoothie whereas typically only the fruit juices (and sometimes a little added pulp) are used in fruit juices. In a hurry, you can even take the smoothie with you in a sandwich bag and use your office mug to drink it.

In hindsight, that monkey might have made the right choice in going for that banana after all; investing in its health by eating more fruit is a profitable thing. Especially if the monkey then goes out pick pocketing to buy more fruit.