Getting rid of charging cables

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The last hundred years has seen an incredible development in the field of portable electronics. Due to this, we can now hold some incredible technology in the palm of our hands. However, all of this does come with some strings attached: actual charging-cable strings. Although the situation with charging cables is somewhat better than it used to be, there are still charging formats aplenty. The result? A jungle of charging cables, strangling your humble abode.

Cleverly hiding the mess is like what the no-hair theorem is all about.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to cut through those electronic vines:

  • A first step in clearing the cables is to collect them all and throw them in a drawer. They will be nicely out of sight and once you need them, open the drawer and take your pick.
  • Next, look at how many incarnations of each charging cable you actually need. Have three identical ones? Throw two away if you only ever use one at a time.
  • Step three is to buy one of those multi-headed cables that provide several charging formats in one. In this way, that digital hydra can replace the proliferation of single-purpose charging cables you may have left after the last step.
  • The final trick is to replace all those transformer blocks that you have by a single one. You can get a little wall charger that gives you multiple USB ports for charging. If you want to be really fancy you can even buy one of those wall sockets that has USB ports built into them.

However, if you’re truly up to date, you’ll be reading this from a wirelessly charged device, in a new era wherein electronics are cut free from their umbilical cord.