To sleep or not to sleep

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Nas, while in his New York State of Mind, said: ‘I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death’. It’s an idea that seems common these days, where sleeping less is seen as a badge of honour. Sleep, some argue, is a waste of time and a detraction to productivity. I’m dead set against this ideology. In fact, I consider sleep as necessary to life as breathing itself. And productivity without sleep? Busy work perhaps, but surely no focused thinking. If your work requires any degree of focus, guess what happens when you have baby-induced sleep deprivation: your productivity drops.

Sleep deprivation is like accidentally covering the whiteboard in permanent marker.

If you still want to maintain your productivity under those conditions, coffee won’t help you; sleep is what you need. And if you can’t get your sleep at night, then you could still take a nap during the day. Look at your nap as sharpening the saw so that you can actually get some proper work done afterwards instead of staring blankly into space for the afternoon. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do and if that means taking a nap to get your act together then maybe you should.

The trick here is obviously not to pass out at your desk and snore your way into issues with your colleagues and boss. Instead, use your lunch break for a quick walk to the car. Recline your car seat into horizontal mode, set a 20-minute timer and sleep. You could open the windows of your car a bit to avoid carbon-dioxide poisoning, but other than this minor detail you should be good to go. It is surprising how much even a 20-minute nap helps you to get your work done.

Staying sharp while raising a baby can be hard. However, ‘all things excellent are as difficult as they are rare‘. So sleep well and dominate those fools. Stay on the grind.