Off in a snap with a magnetic phone mount

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Children want to go places. You can’t keep them in the house every weekend; they’re drawn to outdoor attractions like metal to a magnet. Sometimes, you want to take them somewhere which requires driving for an hour or more to a place you’ve never been to. Satnav (GPS navigation) is then super useful, all the more if you use a navigation app on your smartphone. One problem with using a smartphone for navigation though is finding a good way of mounting the phone to the car. As a parent, there are three things to take into account when fixing a smartphone to your car.

Traffic is like laminar duct flow.

First, safety. If you have something as massive as an iPhone 8 Plus, you can’t really have that piece of prime technology obscuring your view when driving. That’s why you wouldn’t really want to stick a phone holder onto your windscreen. Second, ease of use. If you’re with your kids, you’re probably looking for a phone holder that’s super easy to get your phone into and out of. No clamps involved, no suction cups that need wetting… Third, reliability. Your phone shouldn’t drop onto the floor of the car just when you need it most to navigate that spaghetti junction and the children are screaming in the back seats.

I have had all of the above phone holders: window mounted and snap fit. This gave me the pleasure of personally facing all of the above problems. Nowadays however, there is this littleĀ bad boy which works with a strong magnet. It has prongs which slide securely onto one of your car’s air vents, making it easy to take the mount with you when you get a loan car. There is a very thin round disk of metal, covered with a protective film, that slips into your phone’s case; no need to stick anything onto your phone itself. To attach your phone to the mount, just place it on the magnet. To remove, just remove. The magnet does not affect your phone in the slightest, making it a truly professional solution.