Washing children’s hair using bathing hats

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Once upon a time, there was a blue planet. There were dinosaurs, who might have gone extinct when one of them pushed a red button resulting in intercontinental nuclear war. There were also sea creatures with ambition. They flopped onto the beach and evolved into walking animals. They grew hair along the way. This became a trend and now lots of species had hair. Humans were one of them. Evolution continued and one day humans came up with the concept of shampoo. What a wondrous invention! It did sting your eyes a little, but let’s not be a sourpuss. Long story short, all was well. Until one day, a parent needed to wash their children’s hair with shampoo…

Shampoo stinging your eyes is like reading a shoddy derivation.

I still remember learning this strange fact about washing my hair when I was little: to keep your eyes soap-free you have to look up. This is scary because up is where the soap comes from and you’d think the best strategy would be to look down. Now try convincing a child of these advanced physics concepts.

One solution to this problem could be to use a shampoo that is advertised as not stinging the eyes. However, I have my doubts about whether they live up to their promise. Instead, I solved this problem by buying some bathing hats for children. They are inexpensive (only a pound or so) and have a funny face printed on them. Washing my children’s hair is now easy. We just clip those hats on, wash their hair and rinse. The kids enjoy seeing the waterfall appear before their eyes over the rim of their hats.

Now if only I could figure out whether dinosaurs wore bathing hats too. *writes grant proposal*