Wake up early with sleep hypnosis

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Marathon runners sometimes get a second wind, a phenomenon where, after reaching peak exhaustion, their body somehow finds a supply full of fresh energy for them to keep going. Although it’s not mentioned online, I know from experience that parents may also feel a second wind after their children finally sleep.

Exhaustion is like you’re in the ground-state orbital.

Between broken nights and child-minding days, a young parent does not get a lot of time to relax.┬áIt is only natural then to use that second wind to your advantage: perhaps by watching some TV, streaming some online videos or by some other form of mindless entertainment. The thing is, you know you should use this time for catching up on your sleep because a morning coffee is no substitute. Also, how about waking up before your children do and using your morning energy to your advantage? Yet, you don’t go to sleep on time because, hey, that would be extremely boring.

I have found something that makes it a little easier to go to bed a little earlier. It is a hugely popular, five-star sleep hypnosis app recommended by wizardry novelist J.K. Rowling and His Royal Highness, The Duke of York. When you start the app, you hear some music and sounds with the voice of a narrator who ‘hypnotises’ you. It’s worth a try if your main objection to going to bed on time is that it’s boring because this will at least give you something to listen to. The audio will play for an hour or so while you fall asleep and will stop playing after that. If you want to, you can use the built-in alarm function as well; and there is also a nap function should you need it.

I originally got the app when I had jet lag and knew I should be sleeping when I couldn’t. This app then helped me get to sleep and I’ve used it occasionally ever since.