Get your kids a (free) audiobook

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There’s nothing better than a good story. Adults love it, and children are no different. That’s why every night before sleep I read my kids a bedtime story or two. It helps them calm down (most of the time) and, on top of that, it helps me to teach them my language. Everything takes on a more relaxed atmosphere at this time and the children are quiet as they listen to the story.

Being in a hurry is like feeling an Unruh temperature.

Now, wait for the sun to rise and we’re in a blind rush to get out the door. I have now tried something new to make the mornings a bit easier. It involves taking my phone with me the night before when I read my bedtime stories and using it to record my voice. Over time, this will allow you to build up a library of your very own ‘audio books’. You can then play these recorded stories in the morning during breakfast. For example, via your Bluetooth® speaker. It keeps the children entertained while they eat and while we get everything else ready. You can even check how long the recording lasts for before pressing play to make sure you get the timing right. And, when the children cannot yet tell the time, you can use the stories as a way of keeping them on schedule. For example, by saying: at the end of this story, you should have finished your breakfast.

Having those recordings on your phone, you can also play them back while driving places and keep the kids entertained without having them looking at any computer screens or whatnot. And finally, didn’t Einstein say that reading your kids fairy tales made them smart and reading them more fairy tales made them smarter?