4 ways of tackling tangle tears

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My daughter loves princesses. Specifically, she wants to grow up to have long hair like Rapunzel. One day, I explained to my daughter how DNA works, that your body is made up of blocks (cells), each containing a list (DNA) which tells it what type of body to build. Whether you’d have dark hair or blue eyes, for example. And that her lists were a combination of those of her mother and me. Hearing this, she was immediately concerned that she might grow up to have short hair. Anyway, with great length come great tangles and getting them out can be painful and tedious.

Hair tangling up is like what happens to a polymer under action of the entropic force.

1. Use the best brush out there

I somehow happened to come across this one hair brush a year ago and gave it a try. Its unique combination of short and long flexible, springy bristles somehow avoid compressing the tangles even further when trying to brush them out. Instead, going over the tangled spot a few times actually dissolves the tangles and leaves your daughter with smooth hair and without any pain! If you don’t believe me, just look at the 5-star product reviews.

2. A little spray goes a long way

We all know it takes two to tangle. Hence, another trick up our sleeves is this spray which makes the hair easier to untangle. Just one or two sprays of it is enough and we hardly ever use this because of our awesome hairbrush. However, it’s great to have on hand for when you get yourself into a tricky tangle.

3. Don’t wet the bed

To complete the hair-care equipment in our house we got ourselves a tiny little blow dryer. This is really useful because, where a towel leaves the hair damp, the blow dryer dries it completely.

4. Go Rapunzel style

Finally, if I may coin the phrase that “defense is the best form of attack”, the best way to tackle tangles is to prevent them. A good solution we found for this is to braid the hair. This is, incidentally, just what Rapunzel ended up doing.