A picture is worth a thousand pennies

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How do you get parents to pay you money? You could make a theme park called Adventure Farm. There would be an entrance fee, of course, but that’s just the start. Inside, you could have a paid unicorn ride involving a depressed horse with a unicorn head band (which falls off half-way through). You can ban picnics and sell expensive food. You can even announce £5 face paintings over your intercom. The children will love it! But most importantly, how about a gift shop at the exit with super-attractive items eye-high for the little ones? I’m talking serious Unicorns and Dinosaurs here.

Persuading your kids is like going from a saddle point to being metastable.

Well, that sounds like a plan. But what should the parents do to suavely negotiate their little purchasing influencers? Let’s go and see. Hey, what do you know, there’s a family right now.

Daughter: ‘Daddy, can I get a unicorn?’

Father: ‘No, we’re not going to buy it. But you know what, shall I take a picture of you holding the unicorn?’ Father: ‘look, which one do you want to hold? If you hold it here and stand there.. yes, that’s it. Done!’

Daughter: ‘can I see?’

Father: ‘Here, see? Want another one?’

Son: ‘I want one too!’.

Father: *snaps away*

There, the family is leaving the shop without having paid a penny. If you look closely you might even notice the way that father is doing mental fist pumps and how he is generally looking like success kid himself. And the funny thing is, the children went on with their normal lives as if those Unicorns and Dinosaurs never even existed!