Frozen blocks of pasta sauce

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This is amazing. Ice cube tray which makes ice cubes 2 inches a side. They are big blocks of frozen liquid. They are advertised as being ideal for making ice cubes for in your liquor because the large ice cubes melt more slowly (thus not diluting your prized alcohol). Me drinking away my child-related pains is not actually what I bought these for.

Batch cooking is like when it’s your turn to synthesise quantum dots.

If you do theĀ math, one tray of 8 cubes makes a 1 liter capacity. Now, I don’t usually cook but when I do I cook batch portions. A liter of bolognese sauce, a liter of tomato soup, a liter of 5 vegetable Jamie Oliver sauce. Now, if you freeze what’s left over, you have saved yourself a lot of time while locking in the freshness as well.

Fill the sink with water, place the hot pan in it to cool it down quickly and then fill up those ice cube trays. Place them in the freezer. To get them out the trays is no problem because the trays themselves are made of food-safe silicone. You might want to let the trays thaw slightly though to make popping the cubes out easier. Again, you can use a water bath for doing so. Then put those frozen 2 inch blocks into a freezer bag, label it and store away.

When it’s time to heat up some of that sauce, just put two or three cubes in a pan with a tiny layer of water just to enhance the heat transfer from the pan to the blocks. Then just heat until done. That’s how you leverage your time to get that healthy healthy sauce on the kids’ pasta when you have no time to cook it from scratch.