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Life as a young parent can be messy. There are errands to run, phone numbers and appointments to remember, birthday parties coming up, messages to leave to your spouse. I might need to make a list just to list the list of all lists. Cue Russel’s paradox.

Me trying to remember everything is like watching ice melt under pressure.

We’ve considered whether a whiteboard or blackboard would be useful for such things. I do think blackboard paint is quite cool, but I was not ready to commit to painting any wall of my house black just yet. Having a whiteboard also seems cool (especially a large and sturdy one), but where would I hang it up?

What I finally figured out however, was that our kitchen has lots of smooth glossy white surfaces. The obvious one being the fridge door but it just so happens that our cupboard doors are glossy white as well. And guess what, all of these can be used as a white board. Just get some whiteboard pens and write away! To be fair, I was a bit hesitant to start writing on our kitchen furniture at first, but we’ve been doing it for over a year now and it always wipes away just fine. Even after having let the writings sit on our whiteboard for months on end, everything still wipes away clean when we want to.

I’ve been using these regular whiteboard pens. Don’t bother getting yourself a whiteboard wiper; just use some tissue instead. If your kitchen surfaces are clean, then the marker wipes off just like that. If the surface is a bit greasy, just use a bit of window cleaner or alcohol-based cleaner. And that’s it!

These pens can even be used by the kids to work out their mathematical derivations of physical theories. And by you to draw unicorns on the fridge. Or the other way around.

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  1. a find this a brilliant idea! I may be biased….but I have seen it in practice and it really works!

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