Radio-controlled wall clocks

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Summer time, winter time. If you live in a country with daylight saving time, you’ll have to change all your clocks twice a year. And what is it good for anyway? Does not a time of day called by any other number smell just as lovely? Add to that that battery powered clocks may run slow over time, slowly drifting, so that you could always have to check the wall clock against your mobile phone. That’s a source of uncertainty you don’t want to deal with when every minute counts in getting your children to school on time. At least, it’s an avoidable source of pressure. And if you can remove it then all the better in my view.

Gaining an extra hour with daylight saving time is like creating a virtual particle.

Did you know that you can get wall clocks which are radio controlled to automatically set themselves? They get the correct time from a remote source just like your phone does. No more worrying about winter and summer time. No more worrying about a clock running 5 minutes slow or late. Get the time with atomic-clock precision on your own wall! It works by a physics laboratory checking their atomic clocks and regularly beaming the current time across country via radio waves. When your clock receives this signal, it sets itself to the received atomically correct time. Ah, automatic precision on your own wall: so comforting.

Radio-controlled clocks do not seem to be extremely popular, but I did find a few online. Take this one for example, which has a nice big face and clear numbers.┬áIn fact, I bought two last year and hung one above the kitchen door and one above the living room door. Add some rechargeable batteries and you’re set. Always having the accurate time. It’s awesome.